We recently had a customer with an overrun community garden. DeShayes Dream Courts was able to transform what was once an eye sore into a beautiful brand new pickleball court that will last a lifetime.


Once the garden was removed the area was rough graded and compacted. Stabilization fabric was installed along with 4 inches of ¾ inch clean stone. All of which add to the stability and longevity of the concrete.


From there a monolithic, reinforced concrete slab was placed. After a 30-day curing period the concrete will reach full compressive strength. The court is then cleaned with a muriatic acid solution to remove all the efflorescence and calcium the has leached to the surface during the curing period. This acid bath also microscopically etches the surface so the binder coating will adhere properly to the surface.


A black binder coat and then a black resurfacing coat were laid, and a brand-new black vinyl coated chain link fence was installed around the court.


Finally, two coats of color were added along with line striping and net installation and the court was ready for use!


For expert advice and all the pickleball court options available call DeShayes Dream Courts today at 1-877-928-4653!

  1. Wow
    great information and photos
    I /we are in the plans to build 2 courts here in Puerto Penasco , Mexico
    Need all the advice and help we can get

    Joy Paul

  2. Do you install a pickle ball court in Grants Pass Or?

  3. Might be interested in a residential court. Please call 440 725 0436

  4. What is the average cost of court finished and ready to play on? We are considering installing one at our home in Alabama.

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