DeShayes Court Conversions offers many other amenities and sports that you can put on your tennis court.

Along with your tennis court, we are able to add a basketball court, pickleball court, putting green, shuffleboard, volleyball, ball rebound systems and custom logos.


Whether it is cracks in the surface, water damage or everyday wear and tear even the nicest of tennis courts will begin to deteriorate over time. However, there are many different tennis court repair systems and resurfacing systems with different costs and lengths of guarantees that can have your court looking brand new in no time.

Visit DeShayes Court Conversions to explore how we can resurface or convert your existing court.


Why Convert?

DeShayes Court Conversions specializes in award winning custom tennis court conversions, multi-use court conversions and court resurfacing.

Tennis to Pickleball : Tennis can be very demanding on an individuals body as people get older, not to mention the skill it takes to play proficiently. For tennis enthusiasts, Pickleball is a very similar sport, however requires considerably less skill to get started and involves less stress on ones body. Pickleball is played on a smaller court (1/4 the size of a tennis court) with similar strategy to tennis.

Multi-Use Courts : Why have one court for two people when you can have as many as 26 people playing multiple sports on the same court at one time. By simply altering the court layout, line configuration, and adding a few components, your space for a basketball or tennis court can be turned into a space for a multi-sport activity center! More fun for more people and you’ll always know where your kids are!

DeShayes Dream Courts Brings Poorly Maintained Tennis Court Back to Life


Most asphalt tennis courts have life expectancies of 10 to 15 years, although DeShayes has seen some that last up to 20 years and others that have only lasted a few years before cracking and other issues arise. The latter is typically due to poor base preparation, insufficient materials, and deficient installation practices. Above is a tennis court that was 20 years old and was poorly maintained.

This tennis court required a complete makeover. Portions of the loose delaminating surface coating had to be scraped off and the cracks had to be cleaned, filled, and taped. The puddles and depressions had to be filled, the entire surface recoated with 4 new coatings, and lines had to be re-painted. This is a meticulous process that takes about two weeks and when done properly yields spectacular results, while also saving you the over $100,000 it may cost to have your existing court removed and replaced.

There are many different tennis court repair systems with different costs and lengths of guarantee, Please call DeShayes Dream Courts to evaluate your court’s existing conditions and discuss repair options.