Outside Kitchens

The most common gathering place in a house is the kitchen, and now the kitchen is moving outdoors. There are many factors and considerations in making your outdoor kitchen a spectacular place for entertaining. You will need to consider the minimum and maximum number of people that will use the kitchen and what type of cooking you will be doing, i.e. pizza, rotisserie, grilling, or smoking. It is best to develop several layouts that include five functional categories: storage, food preparation, cooking, dining, and clean up. Incorporating the work triangle (the space connecting the grill, refrigerator, and sink) will ease the flow in your kitchen, and remember not to overlook the simple things, like hooks, towel racks and hangers for convenience. Always keep in mind it’s the details that make the difference!

Coming from a family of 12 and designing and building outdoor kitchens that accommodate groups of 6 to 60, let me use my knowledge and experience to develop an outdoor dining experience that has no rival.

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