At DeShayes Dream Greens we believe your game should never have an off-season. Unfortunate weather and cancelled tee times will become a thing of the past with our brand-new virtual golf simulators. Our golf simulators allow you to practice and play real championship courses right from the comfort of your own home.

Using patented computer vision technology and a series of smart cameras our golf simulators measure your shot in real time and throughout ball flight converting these measurements into very realistic shot outcomes.

The cameras are able to capture and analyze spin, club head speed, launch angel, swing path, object contact, club face and smash factor making it one of the most accurate simulations in the industry.





Not only do our simulators allow you to play anywhere in the world at the push of a button, but they also offer features that can improve your game as well. You can practice your game at a virtual driving range or work on your short game on the putting green. There are lessons available from PGA Pros like Jim McLean and Dave Pelz. There is even an analysis feature which monitors your swing, motion and weight transfer/balance to make you a better golfer.



There are also many other games available that the whole family can enjoy. From mini golf to darts and tic-tac-toe our DeShayes Dream Greens virtual golf simulators offer hours of entertainment for your family, friends or next social gathering.

Explore our new DeShayes Dream Greens website around all that we have to offer when it comes to residential putting greens. If you are interested in a golf simulator for your home please call DeShayes Dream Greens today at 1-877-928-4653 or use our contact form here.