About Us

For over 40 years Joe DeShayes has been designing and building award winning landscapes in the Tri-State area. Utilizing a background in Landscape Architecture and years of practical construction experience Joe has found that form follows function and that most importantly spaces must work to achieve a client’s objective.

The best way to meet the clients objective is through a well thought out plan that can be as simple as painting out bed lines, marking plants for removal and renovations, and indicating where new plantings will go; to as complex as a detailed master plan.

When considering a master plan for your property it is essential to go through a design process that explains many possible solutions and gives you a complete understanding of design principles. This way, you can make educated design decisions to ensure the best possible design solution for your property.

For more detailed explanations of the design process and for an on site consultations please contact us at 1-877-928-4653.

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