3D Design

3D Design is the equivalent of a virtual tour of your proposed pool, patio/deck, outdoor kitchen/lounge and or landscape design that allows you to see from every angle including overhead.

This virtual tour can be projected on to a wall to see it life sized and at 3 different times of the day – midday, dusk, and night time. Your visualization skills will be enhanced to see the future as it will appear when your project is complete.

3D Design tool will allow you to be more effective and efficient with your decisions as well as save you from the dreaded “I didn’t know it would look like that!” moment. See below to view a sample virtual tour now, or visit our YouTube channel, DeShayes Videos, to see a variety of our custom virtual designs!

Want to Learn More?

For a more detailed explanation of the design process or to schedule a site visit call us toll free at 1-877-928-4653